Inspirational situations....

Motivation comes in all forms; yesterday I watched a movie; "We need to talk about Kevin"; while I was working on my next upcoming project. The movie turned out to be very inspirational; it helped me to jar up some pretty crafty words and phrases. Funny because I hadn't planned on paying much attention to it, I just wanted some background noise for the most part. But I was shocked, watching the film, when I realized that the movie was about a teenage boy who used his bow and arrow to kill his father and sister, as well as a hand full of people in his high school. In the movie; Kevin was evil and sadistic from birth. Once the movie was over I was left wondering.... Does evil exist from the moment a person is birthed? Why didn't Kevin's mother try harder to get him help before he killed everyone with his bow and arrows? Did Kevin die in prison because he was sentenced to lethal injection? The ending wasn't clear to me, but it was a good movie worth watching. Feeling moved after the film, I breezed through my paperwork, putting me a step closer to finalizing my project and I realized that motivation is all around us; willing to help and inspire.

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